Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Double Check

Buffalo Plaid Drop Waist Dress from Old Navy

Sometimes when something is so good it needs double the attention. Take for example this check dress from Old Navy. I wore it here about a month ago with my cowgirl boots for a girls trip to a wine festival. This time around I wanted to add a little bit of edge with my gray leather jacket and ankle boots both from Wallis. This dress is probably one of my favorite purchases this season. Not only is it super affordable, but the versatility goes for miles. When the weather cools down, I plan on wearing it with my riding boots or with tights. I think many of you would agree about what a fab friend it is because it's VERY close to being sold out. Only a few sizes are left.

In case you are wondering, I purchased the tall medium. I am 5'7. As you can see the length hits right above my knees and provides just the right amount of room to move comfortably.

If there is one print that I am overly obsessed with this season it has to be buffalo check/plaid. I am so happy that it came back in full force again this year. I have worn my scarf in the same pattern more times than I count...see some inspiration here and here. I plan on adding a button down top to my closet and came so close to buying this wrap jacket at Target. I am still contemplating on going back and getting it. What do y'all think?

Below are a few buffalo plaid pieces that I found while doing a little online shopping. Pair it with denim, leather, boots, leggings, dresses or be daring and pattern mix with some leopard! I promise you won't be sorry if you grab a piece or two. Happy shopping and thanks for stopping by! 

Buffalo Check with a Gray Leather Jacket Fall Layering
Red and Black Check Dress Gray Leather Jacket Chambray Top Fall Layering Ideas
Red and Black Plaid and Gray Acccents
Fall Layering Outfit Ideas
Gray Zipper Ankle Booties
Old Navy Drop Waist Check Dress // Wallis Leather Jacket c/o // Wallis Gray Ankle Boots c/o // Forever 21 Chambray (option here and here) // Forever 21 Bag (option here and here) // Rings: Wrenn Jewelry & Gorjana c/o // Miriam Merenfeld Necklace c/o  Forever 21 Sunglasses


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Monday, October 20, 2014

Reinvented White

merona target camel tan blazer for fall outfit idea

We all know the old rule of thumb, right? Do not wear white after Labor Day. I think every style blogger has touched on this subject and I am no different. The taboo of wearing white was tossed out the window several years ago and I am another voice giving the two thumbs up. Trust me. It is OKAY to wear white after Labor Day and I highly recommend keeping a basic white dress in your closet line-up. However, I do suggest packing up white linen, shoes and shorts until spring, but other than that, you are good to go.

White is a blank canvas for style inspiration. I chose a structured blazer, gold accessories, quilted bag and animal print booties to compliment a simple white dress. This works well if the temperatures are still on the warmer side in your area. You don't need to bundle up in scarves, hats and riding boots to be fall appropriate. Pairing what you already have hanging from the spring/summer months with new purchases for the current season is a cost effective way to expand your closet and daily wardrobe. 

Speaking of animal print, as you may or may not know, I believe leopard is 100% a neutral. I think I was born believing it, just ask my girlfriends. They have blackmail pictures of me from many moons ago wearing full-on leopard. I still have no shame in it. I was trying to make a statement. 

Anyway, I got the leopard boots I am wearing today from Target last year. To be honest, I bought them because they were on MAJOR clearance and justified my purchased by telling myself that I would wear them enough times for such a great price. Yep, I was right. Better yet, leopard ankle boots are still a "thing" this season and there are so many adorable and affordable options out there. Take a look at some of the options I found:

gold tassel necklace
wrenn jewelry druzy rings and bangle bracelet
white after labor day
leopard ankle boots black qulited bag
white and camel color palette
white dress with camel blazer leopard ankle boots
Banana Republic Factory Dress (old: similar here and here) // Merona Target Blazer // Target Leopard Booties (old: love these and these) // Double Knot Tassel Necklace (option here) // Forever 21 Quilted Crossbody (old: great option here and here) // Wrenn Jewelry Rings & Bangle c/o // Lookbook Store Mirror Belt c/o


P.S. While I was editing pictures and writing this post, I kept scratching my head trying to figure out why this outfit seemed so familiar. Well, it turns out that I wore an almost identical look last year. Ha! I guess I tweaked the wheel a little bit. I told you a white dress was a fall champion.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Late to the Game

casual fall outfit idea

FYI: Today's post has NOTHING to do with my outfit. So, you can either get fall style inspiration by looking at pictures, which is totally fine by me, or read a long ramble. Just wanted to warn you. :)

I came this close to having a panic attack yesterday thinking about everything that has been planned and needs to be planned before we ring in the new year. I feel like this year went by faster than any other and quite honestly, I don't feel like I made the best of it. I have REALLY been lazy this year in relation to so many aspects of my life. I don't want to say it's been a bad year and thankfully nothing "bad" has happened, but it has been, by no means, one to be proud of...until now.

Let me digress, last Sunday our pastor at church gave one of the BEST sermons I have heard him preach. It was our first time back at church in weeks because we have been in and out of town on the weekends. I swear the sermon was directed straight towards me or at least that's what it felt like.

I have a long laundry list of things that I slipped on this year and as of last Sunday, I decided to make some changes....serious changes. I haven't sat down and physically written out any goals for myself or my family. I have them in my head, but haven't put them to paper. I have never been one to keep a calendar, jot down monthly goals, dreams, to-do lists, etc...I literally keep almost everything in my Notes App on my phone or let my thoughts and agendas swirl around my in cluttered head.

The crazy, chaotic business that I have been running is coming to a halt. I finally sat down and spent a good portion of my day reflecting, writing, praying and soul searching on what I was missing, where I was lagging and what I wanted to change to make myself a better Christian, person, wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend.

I know that life throws us curve balls, we get busy, life takes over, we slip, my house is still Crazy Town, I am the mayor of it, I am not perfect and my life will never be perfect. Even though I may not have control of certain things in my personal life, I refuse to let it consume me any longer.

I made a list to help hold me accountable and to remind myself of what I want to change. I hope to look back when the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2015 and smile knowing that even though I am late to the game, I made the most of my last few days of 2014 spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. Hey, better late than never. Right?

rock druzy inspired bangles
Oversized sweater boyfriend jeans and ankle boots
Lookbook Aspen Fair Isle Oversized Sweater
Fall Color Palatte orange cream blue
Oversized Sweater for Fall and Winter
Lookbook Store Sweater c/o // American Eagle Jeans // Charlotte Russe Ankle Boots (option here and here) // Forever 21 Tote (sold out: option here and here) // Sweet Tea Jewels Bangles c/o // Costa Del Mar Sunglasses (option

Taking the Last Days of 2014 by the Horns List (now and forever, hopefully):

1. Spend time with God every single day. No excuses. (and tithe our blessings more often.)
2. Start working out again. Again, no excuses (I have been twice this week! Yay!)
3. Eat breakfast and prepare healthier meals.
4. Volunteer at my girl's school in their classroom once a week. (Started this week! Another yay!)
5. Cuddle more on the couch with Ross. We never do this anymore. Sad.
6. Call my brother and sister once a week.
7. Go to the grocery store before our fridge is bare and the kids have to buy a school cafeteria tray lunch. GOD FORBID! :)
8. Stop worrying what other people think of me or trying to figure out what they think of me. I am learning to accept that everyone does not and will not like me.
9. Spend more time with people that want to spend time with me.
10. Read. I only read two books this entire year and hardly ever catch up on current events/world news. Things that matter...not celebrity gossip.
11. Being lazy is just that, lazy. It won't get you anywhere, except maybe for the couch.
12. Don't fall into the social media trap and let it gauge my personal blog success.
13. Don't let laundry pile up until it's unbearable to comprehend the hours of folding that stand before me.
14. Remind myself that kids have off days just like adults. It's okay if they weren't "the perfect angels" at school. THEY ARE KIDS. Give extra high fives for the good days.
15. Come to terms that my house and car will never be spotless, organized or Pinterest worthy until our girls leave the house...okay, maybe I have something to do with the messes too!
16. I do not need to shop or spend money for the sake of this blog.
17. Don't take it personally when someone tells you "no". We all have to say it sometimes.
18. Blogging used to be fun, find that fun again and stop taking it so seriously. At the same time, it's only human nature to want to be successful. Find the balance.
19. Go to bed before it turns into the next day, meaning asleep by 11:59 PM.
20. Focus on keeping up with the Schneiders, NOT the Joneses.

21. BREATHE. The past is the past. Live in the present. Be optimistic about the future.

I hope this list inspired you to become the best YOU you can be. Have a great weekend and enjoy the ride. See y'all on Monday.

P.S. To everyone who read this entire post...GOD LOVE YOU! I appreciate that you took time out of your busy day when you could have been doing something else. xoxo

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