Friday, December 19, 2014

Three Years

stripes and sequin pattern mixing

Tomorrow marks the three year anniversary of Because Shanna Said So. Who in the world starts a blog smack-dab in the middle of holiday craziness? This girl, right here. That gives you some sort of idea of how my mind works...crazy.

My intentions were to plan a fun photo shoot, maybe add some balloons, blow out a few candles, offer a giveaway to everyone as a thank you, jot down ideas for what I wanted to say, think this post through and write something super meaningful, but all these things didn't happen. What actually did happened? It's something called life.

If I can say anything about my blogging experience this year is that real life, real relationships and real obligations took precedence. I am not saying that my blog isn't real or that I don't share who I really am with all of you, I am just saying that when you come here to read, know this is only a tiny portion of my life.

My first two, maybe two-and-a-half years of Because Shanna Said So, I typically posted five days a week...every week. If I missed a day I thought I would lose readers, lose money, my stats would plummet, people would think I was lazy or that I wasn't taking my site seriously. 

This past summer I decided to take my weekly posts down from five to three. I wanted to spend more time with my girls while they were out of school. I was staying up into the early morning hours just to publish a post. I got a mild case of blogger burnout. I knew I didn't want to quit, but also knew that I needed to focus more on my personal life and stop stressing about something that only has a small shelf life in the grand scheme of things.

After the summer ended and my girls were back at school, I intended to start posting five days again...well, if you are a regular reader friend, you are well aware that didn't come to fruition. My intentions were there and I even created more than three posts a few times since August, but mostly I have only shown up Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I like it like that. I feel that I have been able to offer better content, photographs and engagement with all of you. It's also made my personal life a heck of a lot better, given me the chance to spend extra time with people who mean the most, relax a little more and not be stuck behind a computer hours upon hours every single day.

My advice to all bloggers is to make sure you are doing "this" for the right reasons and that it brings you more joy than stress. I can only hope that you don't sacrifice living life for your blog. Don't miss a celebration, a good night's sleep or the chance to spend time with friends and family for the sake of a blog post. Believe me, I did it and still have to snap myself back to reality on occasion. 

Anyone that says blogging isn't time consuming or hard work hasn't done it or at least taken it seriously. It's a TON of work, commitment, a place where people count on you to show up and share something that interests them, a scary world that can create an immense amount of self doubt, scrutiny and negativity. 

At the same time, it is a beautiful, rewarding community, one that I have thought about leaving a hundred times, but would be lost without.

The extra income and part time career that my blog has provided definitely keeps me going, but without you coming here and reading everyday, once a week, once a month or a few times a year, I would not have made it to three years. Every single one of you are the reason I am here. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I may not have the biggest readership, crazy amounts of Instagram followers, the most beautiful Pinterest boards, highest quality photographs or the greatest grammar, but I have YOU and your daily comments. You guys make it all worthwhile. I am so incredibly grateful for the support, you making me laugh, bringing me to tears, words of encouragement, sincere loyalty and friendships that I know will last a lifetime. Much love and humbleness. 

silver sequin pencil midi skirt
stripes, sequins and leopard print pattern mixing
sparkly winter holiday party idea for women
clare v flat clutch leopard
dressing down sequins
leather and sequins
making sequins more edgy
Target Faux Leather Jacket (option here and here) // Forever 21 Stripe Turtleneck // Express Sequin Skirt (option here and here) // Black Ankle Boots (option here and here) // Clare V Leopard Flat Clutch // Forever 21 Earrings (option here and here)



Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Back in Action

can i mix plaid and leopard for fall

I am back in plaid action. You know I couldn't go another post without wearing it. This time I added another favorite, leopard. There is just something about these two prints that make me smile.

Something else that makes me smile...cooler weather. My kids were in shorts and flip flops last weekend. It was gross and sad. Thankfully the weather cooled off more than twenty degrees yesterday. With all the last minute grocery getting, Christmas shopping, mail dropping and holiday tunes bopping, I needed to be comfortable and cozy. 

Wait for it...yes, this gray cable knit oversized cardigan came from Forever 21. Shocker. Believe it or not, before this one, I didn't own a sweater cardigan, at least not one as warm as this. It is a laid back, throw it on and go and perfectly paired with anything piece. It is definitely coming with me on our trip to Tahoe. 

Which reminds me, I have been meaning to ask you guys....what in the world should we pack for snow skiing? I mean, yes, I know we need warm clothes, scarves, hats, gloves, boots, etc, but is there any specific items that I might miss when packing? This is the first ski trip for all of us. I have NO CLUE what little extras need to be considered to make things run smoother. We plan on renting skis and such, but if you can think of any extras that a first timer might need, I would GREATLY appreciate it. I am not gonna lie, I am sort of scared of the thought of skis being secured (or not) to me feet. I have yet to win an award for most graceful or coordinated.

plaid and leopard pattern print mixing
forever 21 gray cable knit sweater
cognac woven over sized satchel bag
plaid and leopard layering
layering ideas for the fall and winter
Forever 21 Gray Cable Knit Cardigan // Old Navy Plaid Top (old: option here and here) // Express Leopard Infinity Scarf (old: option here and here) // Dittos Denim c/o (option here and  here) // Go Jane Ankle Boots (option here and here) // Sole Society Satchel (sold out: option here and here) // Wrenn Jewelry Rings c/o // Daniel Wellington Watch c/o


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Monday, December 15, 2014

Metallic Floral

classic and modern christmas party outfit idea

Well, what do you know? I am actually wearing something other than denim and riding boots...and no plaid in sight. It's an early Christmas miracle. I was thrilled to actually have a place to go that called for getting little dressed up. We celebrated one of my best friend's birthday on Saturday at Fork & Vine (I highly recommend if you live in Austin). The weather this weekend warmed up and I was able to wear this metallic floral skirt without tights. If it's colder where you live, add tights and ankle boots and you're set for a holiday celebration. 

Speaking of dressing for the holidays, I tend gravitate toward metallic and black pairings. They are classic and add the perfect amount of glam to any holiday occasion. Unfortunately, the photos didn't capture the hints of glisten that are threaded in this a-line brocade skirt. Hopefully, you can see more detail on Forever 21's website. If you are looking for a last minute outfit for a holiday party or New Year's Eve, I recommend adding this floral skirt to your cart. For the price, you can't go wrong and can twirl around no matter where you're headed. I must admit, I did a few circle turns in mine on Saturday. :) 

I also wanted to mention that finding great pieces at Forever 21 isn't a trick, talent or craft. If you read regularly, you know that I post at least one thing from their store in almost every post. Many of you have commented that you get overwhelmed when you walk in. I agree. So do I. That is why I shop online more than I do in person. Their website is user friendly and sizing is more accurate than not. They provide detailed descriptions with measurements and model sizing/height. I rarely have to return any items that I have gotten in the mail because of inadequate fit. I also have to remind everyone reading that just because you are no longer twenty-something doesn't mean you can't shop there. If age-factor hinders you, they offer a contemporary line called Love 21. The sizes run bigger and styles are more of a classic, modern fit.

metallic a line midi skirt with a biw belt
Christmas party outfit for thirty something
Black bow belt
metallic floral brocade midi skirt

holiday party or new years eve outfit idea
Black Turtleneck (old: similar here and here) // Forever 21 Metallic A-Line Skirt (I am wearing a medium & am 5'7) // Forever 21 Heels (similar here and here) // Forever 21 Quilted Bag (similar here and here) // Rhinestone Necklace (old: similar here and here) // Wrenn Jewelry Rings c/o // Daniel Wellington Watch c/o // Target Bow Belt (similar here and here)


P.S. Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Ross surprising us with Gus, our German Shorthaired Pointer. He is somewhat of a rescue, so we don't know his birthday or exact age. We celebrated in style with birthday hats, singing, a puppy pie, frosted milk bone and lots of hugs and kisses. I think Gus had a marvelous time and felt a little spoiled. I wanted to KILL Ross the day he brought him home, but now I cannot imagine our family without him. You can read more about how he became our newest family member here. We love you, Gus Wilbur.

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