Friday, July 25, 2014

Beaded Details

I wore this Wednesday night for a blate (blogger date) with Sarah. We met the good old fashion I can't even remember how we stumbled across each others blogs, but I am so thankful the internet brought us together. We made it official in real life last summer when we attended Texas Style Council. I haven't seen her since then, but honestly it was like zero time had passed. We didn't sit down and ask one another broad questions about our lives or try and play catch up. We cut straight to details, engaged in normal girlfriend talk and weren't timid to dig right into some serious food. 

We both know exactly what has been going on in each others lives because of our blogs. It's kind of crazy that I seem to be in the "know" about blog friends' lives more than I know about some people in my family. It's pretty wild. But we can't help to sometimes have more insight about our online friends current happenings since most of us document in-the-moment details, daily activities and weekly statuses.

It was so refreshing to sit and chat not only about blogging, but also silly tibits about our summer, our husbands, shopping, house projects and so many things in between. You know, girl stuff. I wish she would make her way back to the Hill Country and kick the Dallas area to the curb. Maybe one day. In the meantime, we will have to continue our online courtship until we hug again. Hopefully the next time we see one another, our husbands will be in tow. I am dying for them to meet.

Forever 21 Beaded Top // Limited Shorts (option here and here) // Go Jane Heels (option here) // Kendra Scott Cuff c/o The Jeweler's Wife // Kendra Scott Ring // Lilac Bijoux Breathe Necklace c/o // Wrenn Jewelry Ring c/o // Gold Clutch (option here and here)

This beaded razor back top has been a trooper for me. I have worn it several times in the last year or so, but kind of forgot about it until I was browsing Forever 21 online and came across it again. What? They brought something back that I got over a year ago? Yes, they did. Actually, I wasn't too surprised because this has happened with one other dress that I have. I have to wonder what their reasoning is when restocking certain pieces that were originally available twelve-plus months ago. I can't think of another store that does this or at least I haven't seen it. Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

On a completely different subject and a racy one at that, who watched the 50 Shades of Grey movie trailer yesterday? I shamefully will say that I viewed it three times. I am still not sold on the actor, but dying for February 14th to arrive. Ross should be happy that I will be a cheap date this Valentine's Day...take me to the movies, let me see Christian Grey, reminiscence about how my life was put on hold until I finished all three books, buy me a bag of popcorn, Milk Duds and Diet Coke. I will be good as gold. Plus, Beyonce did a remake of "Crazy in Love" for the movie. If you aren't a 50 Shades fan, watch the trailer just to hear a snippet of the song.

Okay, I rambled enough for a Friday. Ya'll have a great weekend.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Goodbyes and a Giveaway

Orange, white and blue summer style

Yesterday we took an early evening, one big happy family stroll around none other than the outlet mall. How sweet, right? Kidding, well sort of. It was actually sweet...a little bittersweet because our oldest is leaving for church camp today and won't be home until Saturday. We spent the rest of our night grabbing sno-cones with cream (the best), playing cards, finishing up some last minute packing and trying to wind down one excited little nine-year-old. This is her second year to attend, so I am a bit more at ease with sending her off, but it doesn't take away the fact that I will have ZERO contact with her until Saturday afternoon. I know she is in great hands, His hands, but things are going to be a little too quiet around here for the next few days. I am so proud of her for wanting to go because this girl right here, would NEVER leave her momma for more than two days. I was a stage five clinger back in the day. Watching Logan grow up and wanting more independence to be on her own breaks my heart, but at the same time makes me smile that she has a personality strong enough to venture out and be without Mom, Dad and Sister. I will be the one my car as I am watching the buses leave. I hope I can hold back the tears until then.

Chicwish Lace blue top
Summer Style Outfit Ideas
Lisi Lerch Orange Beaded Tassel necklace
chicwish white leather stud espadrille flats
Orange Beaded Tassel Statement Necklace List Lerch
Old Navy White Cut off shorts


In other news, I hinted to you guys on Monday that I would be sharing more Chicwish finds this week. (Take 20% off your entire purchase with code SALE20 through July 27th). Don't get me wrong, I love the lace sleeve details on this top, but must admit I am even more smitten with the studded ankle strap espadrille flats. They are super comfy, true to size and more adorable than photos can capture. I was worried about getting a pair of white leather shoes, but after wearing them for several hours yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised by how "clean" they actually remained. And speaking of white, I have yet to stain these Old Navy cut-offs that I posted last week. I have worn them three times now and not one permanent spot. Go me!  Maybe now I have enough guts to find a white pair of jeans. Typically I don't mix very well with white clothing. Maybe I am growing up. Ha!

While we are on the subject of what I wore, this orange beaded tassel necklace from Lisi Lerch is a definite new favorite. One of my best friends was standing with me in my kitchen when I opened the necklace from the mail. She begged and batted her eyes so hard to let me let her take it home. I came so close to giving in. I am not telling stories. Karolyn, go ahead and tell them.

You should probably know by now how much I love a good tassel. This one did not disappoint. It's definitely a "completer" piece. I think it added the final touch to this casual summer style. Lisi Lerch has a few other colors in this necklace as well as coordinating tassel earrings + so much more! You have to check out her site. I promise you will be a jotting down a wish list as soon as you click over.

EXCITING NEWS!!! Today, Lisi Lerch has graciously offered to giveaway the exact orange beaded tassel necklace ($150 value!!!) that I am wearing in today's post. Good luck and happy shopping!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Lacy Imperfections

lacey boho Summer Style
Lately, I feel like I have been in an on-and-off funk with my blog photographs. As most of you know, my husband takes my photos. He does a phenomenal job, doesn't complain and is 100% self taught. He is a style blogger's dream. Truly. However, this summer has been somewhat of a trick. He has an extremely busy schedule. I am a taxi cab driver for camps, running errands and sports practices. Weekends have been filled with summer fun, family time, getaways with friends and sleeping in.

Squeezing in time for blog pictures hasn't been the highest on our agenda. Don't get me wrong, I take my site very seriously and have always put my whole hardhearted effort into it. Recently, many of our photo sessions have been rushed, haven't been well thought out, not taken during "magic" hour and I just haven't been feeling it. This whole "not" feeling it syndrome has been a bit of a bummer because I began the whole comparison game...comparing myself to other bloggers, what they are wearing, their lighting, clothing, angles, makeup, hair, how many likes they get on Instagram and the list goes on. I know. Ridiculous, right? This whole ballgame of being a blogger can take it's toll on you when it comes to posting photos of yourself several times a week. We are all our own worst critic, but sometimes it gets way out of hand. And we all know that this goes way beyond a happens every day in all of our lives.

This summer I have really had to reel myself back to reality and remind myself that I am not 24 years old anymore. I have wrinkles, sagging and cellulite. I am a mom of elementary aged children. I don't have a professional photographer that I can afford to hire. For the most part, our bank account is used for saving money, taking family trips, my kids' college fund, paying bills and life's neccestities. This blog has become my stay-at-home job, so to speak, and with any job comes responsibilities, commitments, becoming better, working hard and submitting your best work/projects. When I think about all of these things, it honestly puts a pit in my stomach. Just a few short years ago I was taking outfit photos in my backyard and was proud of them (I still am), but as you grow in any career or hobby and the longer you do it, the better you want to get and focus on perfecting your craft. With that comes more pressure, occasional self doubt and again the dreaded comparison of not being good enough at something you are passionate about.

Long story short, if I plan to continue sharing pieces of my life and wardrobe with you ladies, I have to find a way to give myself a break, remember why I started blogging, have fun during these times we have together during this journey and embrace the times when Ross and I hit it  right. I must say, I am pretty pumped about the ones posted today; prouder than I have been in a long time. If that makes me conceited or arrogant, I apologize. I am not even close to perfect and will never be a leading style blogger in the sea of blogs. I just need to find my way back to being content with everything I post regardless if the lighting sucked, I had a crooked smile in all the pictures and if my outfit wasn't the most blog worthy. Honestly, I just want to make sure that every time I come here and share, I am being me and accept all my imperfections because at the end of the day, that is what I am trying to teach my own kids.

Lace Details
Lace Cardigan
Tan Suede Anklle Boho Boots
Feminine Romantic Lace
Romantic Boho Dress Outfit
Mint Lace
Boho Lace Outfit Idea
Chicwish Mint Lace Dress c/o (I am wearing a size medium) // Chicwish Crochet Lace Cardigan c/o // Charlotte Russe Ankle Boots (option here and here) // Sweet Clover Designs Necklace c/o // Wrenn Jewelry Druzy Bangle Set c/o // Wrenn Jewelry Druzy Ring c/o // Gorjana Ring c/o

In case you skipped all of the above, let's talk clothes. You guys, this isn't the first time I have posted about Chicwish and it won't be the last...most likely more will come this week. I got this mint lace dress and crochet cardigan in the mail last week without any intentions of wearing them together, but they were meant to be paired. Many of you have asked about Chicwish's quality since the items come from Hong Kong. I own close to a dozen items from their online boutique and can honestly say I have only been disappointed in one item. Everything else has been stellar and very well made. So, if you are on the fence about ordering anything, I hope I can ease your mind and that you feel confident in your purchase. Plus, get 20% off your entire purchase until July 27th.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great start to the week! xoxo

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