Friday, January 30, 2015

Soaking It In

Spring's been in the air here in Austin this week. Temperatures hit 80 degrees on Wednesday without a cloud in the sky. The kids have been playing in our cul-de-sac until shorts. Crazy, right? Crazy good! I feel a little guilty even mentioning it since so many of you still have piles of snow outside your windows. All that glorious sunshine is about to end though. Nothing but rain and chilly temps are headed our way for the next several days.

I wore this outfit to lunch yesterday. My girlfriend and I hit an outdoor patio and soaked in all the sunshiny rays and breezes. I ended up taking off my blazer and wish I would have worn flip flops instead of heels. 

And yes, I am wearing my chambray top from the Loft again. Best purchase in a long time. I also finally found a pair of white denim....I think. I'm still on the fence, but I guess they're mine now since I already wore them. They are the skinny ankle style from J.Crew Factory. I was really excited when I tried them on. Finally, a pair that weren't unflattering! YES!! The downfall? They stretched out soooooo much by the end of the day. I was constantly pulling them up. So, if you are looking for a white pair of denim, I do recommend them, just be sure to go down a size.

loft chambray top
orange blazer
Forever 21 Blazer (old: option here and here) // Loft Chambray (I am wearing an extra small) // J.Crew Factory White Denim (I am wearing a 28 waist, but should have sized down...they stretch) // Forever 21 Leopard Heels (old: option here and here) // Reversible Tote // Accessory Concierge Earrings c/o (sold out:option)

Below are the three ways I have worn this Loft chambray on my blog.  You can see the more of the other two posts here and here.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. We'll be selling Thin Mints, Samoas and Tag-alongs. I need these Girl Scout cookies out of my house. No willpower when it comes to frozen Thin Mints.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Valentine $400 Giveaway

Okay, I know I have already posted a few times about Valentine's Day. I understand it's not even officially February yet, but you have to admit it's kinda fun. It's a girly type "holiday" filled with so much cuteness, sparkle, glitter, metallic and hearts. Plus, my favorite color is sprinkled everywhere...if you don't believe that I LOVE red, then just take a look at my past several posts. Sometimes I don't even realize how much I wear it until I look back at my blog.

Anyway, today is all about adorable finds that aren't necessarily just for February 14th + a chance to win $400!! Before I get to the AMAZING giveaway, I wanted to share a handful of items that I would be happy to have, use and purchase any time of the year. They just so happen to align with the upcoming Hallmark holiday. 

valentine's day gift ideas 2015

I wanted this Old Navy pajama set, but the top to match the bottoms was sold out online and NONE of my local stores carried it. Don't make fun, but I called Old Navy's "hotline" and found out that almost every store in New York carried the top. Guess what? I called New York and my heart PJ set is happily on it's way to my door step...after the blizzard settles, of course.

A few other favorites? 

How could you not paint your nails red, white, pink or add heart sprinkles? This nail polish is the cutest.

Forever 21 is killing it with their cosmetic bags. I grabbed this polka dot one at their store this week, but also wish I would have seen this or the initial one. They are great for jewelry, make-up, toiletries or even a place to keep shopping receipts.

If all you need is love and a little wine, this pillow is for you....and me! I am not sure if Ross would approve of me placing this on our bed, but I mean, come's the truth. 

And I already bought these sunglasses. Do I plan to wear them every day? Nope, but I do intend on packing them for our beach getaway...because I HEART the beach, sandy toes and sunshine.

Now to the REALLY good stuff. I have teamed up with 19 other bloggers for a Valentine's giveaway. You could win $400 PayPal cash or an e-gift card to your favorite store. You get to pick if you win! The contest starts now and ends February 11:59 PM to be exact. Be sure to check out their blogs for more inspiration. Good luck!! This giveaway is open internationally.

 photo 3_zps9vuafmfb.jpg
 photo 4_zpswhpyojk6.jpg

$400 Valentine's Day Giveaway #1

P.S. I got a little bit of a blog facelift yesterday. Ashlyn and I are still tweaking a few things, but overall this is my new "do". Please let me know if you see anything wonky or out of place. Installing and deciding upon a new design is stressful stuff. I don't plan on doing it again anytime soon. And Ashlyn, thanks for putting up with my late night texts!!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I'm a Liar

Yep, I am a straight up liar-liar-pants-on-fire. I swore in this post that I was going to put a stop to my midi skirt obsession. My intentions were sooooo good and I 100% realize that I'm fully stocked with this style of skirt. I just can't stop....especially when I laid eyes on this gingham number.

What's not to love? They cover most of my Snow White legs in the winter. They are more age appropriate for "my older age". They are flattering and keep certain areas under wrap. I don't have to pull them down to hide unflattering features when I sit, stand or walk. And they seem to come in the cutest patterns, colors and prints. Now do you see why it's so tough to say no?

retro gingham plaid flair midi skirt sheinside
Itchelita floral rhinestone necklace
Black and white gingham skirt
Black and white plaid midi skirt
SheInside Plaid Flair Midi Skirt c/o (I am wearing a size medium) // Forever 21 Cobalt Tee (option) // Lauren Conrad for Kohl's Blazer (old: option here and here) // Zara Heels (option here and here) // Forever 21 Quilted Bag (option here and here) // Itchelita Floral Necklace c/o

You guys, SheInside did it again! I mentioned before that I was holding out on ordering from them because of the whole shipping from "overseas" situation, but I swear I have been beyond pleased with every piece I've received. In my opinion, the sizing seems to be true to size (at least so far) and quality gets a five-star rating.

I snagged a few items from their website last week and two pieces already arrived....this plaid skirt and stripe blazer. I have two more items on the way and I cannot wait to show you more. Their prices are hard to beat. I understand that their website can get a little bit overwhelming, but it's well worth the time to search around and browse. I am pretty positive you will find something that you have been eyeing at another store for half the price me. 

Here are a few more "I want this" items from SheInside. Hopefully, this will help guide you on your online journey. Happy shopping!

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